First aid training in SHUSHI

    On Aug. 26rh, the Red Cross in Xioagan city came to SHUSHI Group to give a first aid training. Aiming to enhance the safety awareness and ability to face emergencies.

    At the training site, trainers from the Red Coress has explained basic knowledge and first aid generality. And demonstrated CPR, Heimlich Maneuver, wound dressing and other knowledge and skills. Not only trainees have learnt the handling methods, but also learnt the content of Red Cross--a humane and volunteer act.

    Basic first aid skills are important part of the safety production management. Hopefully, we won't use any of the skills. But when accdents happen, we are able to protect life and health to the maximum extent.

    On the tarining course, trainees listened carefully, participated actively, practiced the details of the skills over and over again to firmly master the skills.

    After the course, all trainees took an accessment. All together 42 trainees were certified as Red Cross first aider.

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