27 years for SHUSHI, Thank you for your company

    With the breeze of the summer morning, brings cooling to the swelter sun. And reveals the 27th anniversary celebration.

    During the last 27 years, SHUSHI Group went through thick and thin over time. Started from a small workshop, and has grown into a National High-Tech Enterprise, an Advancing Unit of Promoting Excellent Performance Management System, a Hidden Champion model enterprise of subdivision field of Hubei Provincial Pillar Industries.

    Dancing Dragon performed by all staff. Has shown the overwhleming vigour of SHUSHI, and explained enterprise spirit No arrogance in prosperity, no discouragement in adversity, self-improvement, constantly climbing.

    Company GM pointed out in his speech: the growth of the company profit by the supoort of the CPC committee and government of all levels, profit by all the right strategic decisions, profit by the precise management of different levels, profit by all staff's concerted effort.

    Facing the new goals and challenges, all SHUSHIers will keep the enthusiasm and paasion, spare no pains to work. Making another progress for the company development.

    During the celebration, several well-rehearsed shows were performed on the stage.

    A gesture dancing show expressed the gratitude to the company.

    There were also game time and basketball shooting exhibition match. Not only all staff had fun, but also did a little exercise.

    All these activity leads to the lucky draw. From Huawei cellphone, mountian bikes, air coolers, sports bracelets to electrical oven. Everyone gets presents and handful of joy.

    At last, we had a big meal.

    After 27 years of growth, SHUSHI group is at the new starting position in the adhesive tape industry. We will make new historical chapters.

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